Goats Milk Salt Scrub Charcoal


Rubbing your skin with a salt scrub allows the texture of the salt scrub to exfoliate and refine the skin and using it as a soap keeps your shower cleaner!

Scrubbing with a salt bar can stimulate blood circulation and remove daily toxins from your skin.

The Charcoal Bar (Hellfire & Brimstone) is awesome at getting rid of sweat rashes, sorting the yuckiest of feet, in fact it sorts the really sweaty farmer/athlete after a big day- definitely no clogged pores with this soap. A review of this soap states that this is better than 'Grans remedy'  For use in high sweat areas and is an awesome body soap.

These salt bars have the added benefit of being made with my raw goats milk, which means its gentle and nourishing while still being hard working.

Charcoal is not rough or coarse on the skin. Charcoal is highly absorbent, and it is this quality & ability which allows it to 'draw out' perspiration and toxins from below the surface of the skin. This prevents skin irritation due to retained perspiration - no retained perspiration = no skin irritation = no cracked skin = no infection.

Farmers and athletes - work and train harder faster for longer, with no skin issues

Goats Milk. Saponified oils: Organic Coconut & Olive Oil, Rice Bran & Castor Oil, Sea Salts, activated charcoal 

110 gm square

This bar does NOT fit in our cotton bag

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Amy Tanabe
Best Soap Ever

I never knew I could love soap as much as I love this soap!
I've completely scrapped all body wash and liquid hand soaps etc because this one has been so good for my skin.
We got some custom made with gingerbread scent and it's to die for!
The whipped coffee scrub is amazing too. Highly recommend their whole range!

S Stevens
Great for very sensitive skin

I have extremely sensitive skin and this soap didnt irritate.

However I was expecting this to be more exfoliating, feels like I'm just using gentle soap. I personally feel this soap did not exfoliate at all.

Wouldn't purchase again.

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