Farm Visits

UPDATE****UPDATE***UPDATE*** 26 July 2022


Farm is now CLOSED to ALL visitors with immediate effect, including Tours and Farm Stay services. This will be updated in the spring but at the moment, the farm is saturated and not accessible. Orders can continue to be picked up at the gate as usual - but no entry to the farm - with immediate effect. We have taken this measure as a preventative, due to the "Foot & Mouth disease" threat which is currently present in the Pacific. 

NO - we don't have it here, and we don't want it, which is why we have taken this course of action. We hope you understand. It may appear to be an excessive course of action, but the consequences are extreme, not only for us but for the whole country. 


To book your farm visit, which will include seeing the goats, bees and horses - and quite probably a soap making demonstration - send an email with information regarding your business or family numbers, some alternate dates and we will confirm. Shop will be open onsite with EFTPOS facilities at the conclusion of the visit.

These visits are weather dependent & gumboots are advised.


Accommodation onsite is by way of YOUR self contained camper van and being an  Okay2stay member. By using your okay2stay membership and the okay2stay host network - you are able to travel around NZ and stay in some very unique locations. Simplenakedsoaps' farm is one of those unique locations

The farm is closed to camper vans during winter, pending an all weather parking pad being constructed.

Simplenakedsoaps' farm is only accessible to camper vans within the okay2stay network - NO EXCEPTIONS    

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