This is where we feature companies whose products we use and where we have found a positive benefit that is complimentary to us or our products.

Water looks clear and see through ?? Everything is definitely not what it seems. 

You would have seen a face book post from us recently about changing our shower head in the bathroom. The fabric filter in the shower head generally should last approx 6 weeks - we blocked ours in 2 weeks. We are on a rural water supply with regular boil water notices. 

The Shower Therapy shower head not only saves water but removes a whole lot of nasty from the water. Talk to these guys about the water you shower in, the water you bathe in, and the water you drink. 

The colour our filter has gone indicates rust in the water - definitely not good for drinking.

The quality of your water will enhance your cleaning and bathing products, shampoo lathers more, soap works better - everything works better with no chemical nasties 

Water is the life blood of everything and water quality is extremely important. Good quality Water can help with skin issues - poor quality water can cause skin issues.

Talk to these guys about what you are wanting to achieve from your water supply. Highly Recommended.

Click here to check them out. 



The Block Dock


The Block Dock will revolutionize how you look after your hard bars of soap and shampoo bars. There is no more wasting away in the water of your hard bars.

We have been selling The Block Dock on our website, and around NZ since they were first made. We get awesome feedback from loads of people when they see the Block Dock on our stall sites around NZ. Comes highly recommended

Click here to check them out.


Hemp Farm NZ

Hemp Farm NZ has all the info you need regarding your HEMP needs from everything from recipes to clothing to supplements to HEMP Milk... check these guys out and talk through your exact needs with them.

We use their protein in our smoothies... :-) :-) Highly recommended

Click here to check them out. 


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