Natural Deodorant Charcoal

This Deodorant combines both, bentonite clay ( i don't like using Baking soda or arrowroot as this can irritate the skin) and a slight sprinkle of charcoal.

Both of these components are great absorbers of moisture. Charcoal is carbon rich and can soak up 1,000 times its weight, so great for those sweaty moments!.

My deodorants also contain:
Coconut oil - that is anti-bacterial, & anti-inflammatory, which can help fight the bacteria that causes underarms to smell after you sweat.

Shea butter - which is naturally anti-bacterial, and helps eliminate the bacteria that can build up under your arms that can cause both odor and pimples and won't clog your pores.

Beeswax -(from our bees) is moisturizing and helps to keep this natural deodorant in a solid form.

These now come in cardboard tubes. 

This new one is great for men & woman.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Natural Deodorant Charcoal

Surprisingly pleasant, glides on smoothly with a mild minty feel. Provides effective whole day protection against odour. Brilliant!

Dianna Browne

Nice natural deoderant will buy again. Thanks for a great service

Lisa Jeanes
A slimy mess

While I was happy with the deo ball I bought previously, my most recently purchased one was never at all solid at room temperature. It turned more goopy when I tried using it and just fell apart. I certainly wouldn't want to risk paying for one again

Deo ball

Yep, the best natural deodorant I've ever used.
12 hr shift work. Physical job and this product is brilliant.
5 stars


I have fallen in love with this product and all the products I have purchased from here. Never had a problem with this and it has never damaged my underarms like other natural deodorants I have tried in the past.

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