Soap on a Rope

Soap on the rope is here!

The size of the rope is for a medium hand and is also great for hanging up to dry after use.

These are made with our Goats Milk, Saponifed oils: Organic Fair Trade Coconut Oil, Olive, Rice bran & Castor oil and enriched with Shea butter.

Each soaps weighs 120 gm, so a good size


1. Coconut Fragrance Plain (Bottom), matcha (Middle)  & charcoal (Top): This has a slight coconut Fragrance

Grapefruit & Mint Frangrance. Green clay .

3. Fresh linen fragrance mixed with a peppermint Essential Oil. Plain (Bottom), charcoal (middle), spirula (Top): This has a  fresh linen fragrance mixed with a peppermint Essential Oil.

4. Spearmint: Bottom Plain, top is swirls of light charcoal and Green Clay

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Soap on a rope

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