Shampoo Bars

May 06, 2019 1 Comment

Shampoo Bars

Its time for another Blog - its been a while

Our Shampoo bars are "rockin" the world. We are the only small batch manufacturer to be making commercial volumes, where you DON'T need a conditioner. We don't need a conditioner because we don't use chemical nasties to clean with. The "conditioner" is used to repair/cover/hide/mask the effects of a harsh cleanser - we don't have the harsh cleanser... ergo NO conditioner needed. 

Our products are 'Goat Milk' based - proper goat milk - not powder, no water in our products. We don't base our products on what others are doing currently... we base our products on what has worked throughout history. 

History shows that Cleopatra bathed in Donkey Milk... there was no excess donkey milk for her constituents, so they used what they had available.. "GOAT MILK".... proper raw goat milk... no powder there!..... and that's where it began

All of our cleansing products are 'goat milk' based making them gentle and nourishing. NO PALM OIL 

We will maintain our 'small batch manufacturer' tag and in doing so, this will enable us to use minimal ingredients, and NO preservatives. Yes it is more work - but the end result and the feedback from our customers over the past years makes it an easy decision to keep doing what we do. 

Egg Yolk Shampoo bar 

Egg yolk nourishes the hair follicle, strengthens the hair, great for dry hair, awesome on coloured hair (doesn't wash out the colour) - great at keeping the hair on your head (not falling out) and is awesome when regrowing your hair (strong from the outset) - is fantastic for any/all dry skin on the body - fantastic as a shampoo and body bar.

Eggs are from our truly free range chickens on our farm, and with our "goat milk" makes an all round nourishing shampoo and body bar... NO CONDITIONER NEEDED!!!    

Neem Oil Shampoo bar 

NO MORE DANDRUFF - AT ALL!!! A fantastic all round for males - no need for any other products - No more dandruff - not even a little bit!  Really fantastic results when used against dry skin on the body. Great for using on kids at pre-school, school - anywhere where "NITS" turn up. NO MORE NITS with this shampoo bar - young or old, doesn't matter.... NO CONDITIONER NEEDED!!!

Beer Shampoo bar 

Flat beer has been used for many many years as a rinse through the hair for hair shine. A fantastic middle of the road shampoo bar - not 'gimmicky'... it just works!...NO CONDITIONER NEEDED!!!

All three of the bars listed above can be used to help relieve psoriasis anywhere on the body. Contact us for further details on this matter.

Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo bar 

An amazing bar providing volume and shine to the hair.. will help sort shampoo trials and tests that don't work as the apple cider vinegar will wash out the offending ingredients that don't work for your hair .... NO CONDITIONER NEEDED!!!

That leads on to the next topic - each bar is different for a reason - and the human body changes season to season. If you are a long term "chemical shampoo" user - there is going to be a detox period where the hair may feel like it is completely out of control - but in actual fact, it is just finding its new natural self. When you remove "nasties" from your cleansing regime - some really cool amazing things happen - you find you don't need them!

We have been told for a LONG time.... we need to do this - we need to do that - it needs to be done this way......  BOLLOCKS!!

Neither of us have conformed to the "norm". We have both excelled outside of "the norm" and we are still continuing to push boundaries.

Advertising and corporate greed have been ordering us around for a long long time, telling us what we NEED and what we MUST use - our supermarkets are set up so as to flush out the last remaining dollar from our wallets... are these people interested in you as a person? - do they care about you? 


This is why we do things the way we do. Keeping ingredients to a minimum, and as natural as possible works for us. Others try to copy, and when it doesn't work for them - they say its not possible to do it our way - well ... we have been doing it for years, and the results speak for themselves. 

We have been approached by "big soap manufacturers" to make our soaps - and "save us money and time"... the reality is that machines cannot make our soaps without using preservatives. We will continue to maintain our integrity and our "small batch manufacturer" tag.

We will always be different - and that is a good thing 




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Rowena Bennett
Rowena Bennett

December 16, 2022

Highly recommend! My husband suffered from eczema on his hands, with cracked/broken skin on his fingers and irritated palms. He tried everything including steroid creams to heal his hands and nothing has worked.
I purchased the Tea Tree Hand soap and the Hemp&Avocado Face&Body Skin Cream & within a week of use his hands have healed and are super soft. Thank you so much!!

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