Washing Hands

April 10, 2020

Washing Hands

Something that is quite topical at present is washing hands.

First up you don't wash dirty hands with sanitiser.

Sanitiser wont clean your dirty work hands.

You wash with soap or in our case a foaming hand wash. Our Goat Milk Foaming hand washes are "Commercial Grade" Cleansers. You have seen how we have transformed the shampoo industry with "No Conditioner" and the sensitive skin industry with natural gentle quick healing products - NOT Chemicals!

We have done the same with our hand wash. Launched 2 years ago at the Mystery Creek Fieldays, our Tea Tree Foaming hand wash has been the mainstay of our hand wash products. Now more than ever we need the ANTI VIRAL properties of this hand wash... anti viral - KILLS viruses. This wash is also anti bacterial and anti fungal - its pretty bloody good!! and we aren't biased!

The anti viral is a back up to the actual washing of hands. You still have to wash your hands - we give you a couple of options

All of our hand washes are de-greasers and this little Corona piece of crap hides beneath a protective "GREASY" bubble. This is where hand washing comes in. Proper hand washing (at LEAST 20 sec) breaks this greasy bubble and ultimately the virus dies. With our  hand wash being a de greaser - we easily break that little greasy protective bubble and the tea tree being anti viral gives it another kick in the guts to kill it a little quicker.

Our hand wash works best when used with water - a squirt of hand wash on one hand AND water (can be hot OR cold) on the other - bring together and wash. Our hand wash is a complete de-greaser even in COLD water!! Yes outdoor blokes - COLD water!!!

This is the ALL of dirt clean - grease, oil, calving/lambing lube, trans oil, poop, ALL sorts of poop, smells, fishy, farmy... all of this GONE - heck you may need another squirt of foam but its ALL GONE.

You can also use our hand wash with clean hands as a "dry wash" - a single squirt of foamer into the hands and wash this around ALL of the hands, then allow to dry. It only takes a few seconds to dry and you can continue what you were doing. Remember our hand wash breaks down grease - so we smash that protective covid bubble and the tea tree quickens the virus death. If you feel the need for sanitizer (in highly contagious areas) then by all means continue with that as well.  

We have been using the "dry wash" at markets in the lead up to the lock down and every day since. We have a bottle in each of the cars... squirt before supermarket... and squirt immediately when back in car.

Its amazing piece of mind that we have such a powerful product available to us.

For those that are worried about the plastic - remember we do refills and bottle swaps on our refills - we take the empty bottles back ( it costs a couple of dollars extra) OR you keep the empty to be refilled by us once we are back through your region... and once this 'thing' is over we WILL be back through your region!!

It was refreshing to see at Waimumu Fieldays recently most of the local forestry bosses coming and refilling their containers - our cleanser removes tree sap!!... oh and beekeepers out there... our hand wash removes propolis also..... 

and all this is done WITHOUT chemical cleanser, WITHOUT solvent cleanser and WITHOUT citrus

Our hand wash comes in 500ml foamer pump bottles. These bottles are what are placed at each wash station. For high use commercial applications we supply a 5 litre refill. It used to be the apprentices' job to refill everything - but more and more bosses are the "lacky" - it doesn't matter who does it - as long as it gets done.

Regular washing with our hand wash reduces skin dryness and cracking - the key word here is reduces - because lets face it in the cold of winter hands crack if you work outdoors.... check our skin cream for that... fix cracked skin in 2-3 days... girls AND guys

Happy easter to every body :-) :-) 

Look after each other :-) 



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