I purchased the goats milk and egg shampoo and the charcoal and coffee soap.
The shampoo has changed my life!
Absolutely love it no more harsh shampoo to try and beat the oilyness it's completely gone +beaten the frizz and my hair is Shiney and healthy again!
The soap has made my skin look refreshed and glowing. As well as actually cleansing and softening my man's workman's hands!!!
🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟Can't recommend enough!

Tanya Crosswell  recommends SimplenakedsoapAugust 24
I brought the goat milk and egg yolk shampoo bar. I was a little skeptical as there was no conditioner to go with it. I had trailed before another soap brand with a conditioner bar although it was nice , it was fussy to use. I wanted to try simple naked soap. I must say my hair feels different. having curly corse dry hair I thought it wouldn't work. I really like your shampoo bar and how it feels. I also am using your pink charcoal soap. your products are lovely. oh and a customer said my hair was lovely today, had I done something different, I said no I was using a different shampoo.... your shampoo bar. 😊😊😊💗💗


Cory Hope  recommends SimplenakedsoapSeptember 19 at 12:29 PM
I tried the Neem oil shampoo bar recently and have found it to be great for my hair, I don't need any conditioner and my hair now has body! The shampoo bar lathers easily and very glad not to be needing to buy shampoo and conditioner in plastic bottles anymore, I will be using this shampoo bar from now on! #plasticfree #ditchplasticbottles


Nicole Rotschopf  recommends SimplenakedsoapAugust 8
I just went to the store in Dunedin (which is at 145 Stuart Street) and bought some more goat milk treats for my hair ! Their soap bars are all amazing and work perfectly ! Forget about Aleppo soap ! Those ones work way better and are cheeper ! Love all of your products thanks for that ! 


Aroha Phillipson reviewed Simplenakedsoap  5 star July 23
Have started with the goat milk shampoo and it made a difference after the first wash. Very happy with all products I have tried 


Susan McNarn reviewed Simplenakedsoap  5 star April 6
I have fine thin hair and shampoos have a tendency to weigh it down but not the Simplenaked shampoo with egg yolk. I absolutely love it and so easy to use. I can't wait to try some more products. 

Plus another huge bonus for me was that it doesn't come wrapped in plastic like most other soaps, it's comes in a wee material bag.

Peter Wilson reviewed Simplenakedsoap  5 star June 8, 2017
You must try the body/shampoo soap. I always buy non toxic organic shampoo and conditioner however I shall not bother anymore. I used this soap just once and already I am hooked. No conditioner needed, my hair was soft and shiny. We live in Australia however I shall be ordering online. Have a go, try it , you too will be impressed. Well done to the makers for being so innovative and using their own goats to make such a viable and useful product. Patti W. Australia


Sheridan Lesley Adams reviewed Simplenakedsoap  5 star June 27
This is a totally amazing product . I am currently using the Goats milk hand soap and it makes my hands feel so soft and it is very gentle on my skin. It is a little bit of pure luxury in my bathroom!


Jess Milne  recommends SimplenakedsoapSeptember 22
Amazed with the Goats Milk, Hemp and Honey Soap and the Primrose and Avocado Cream.After using it for less than a week for an unexplained pregnancy rash it has completely cleared it and my skin is back to normal.
Can not recommend enough!!


Nelshia Seyffert  recommends SimplenakedsoapAugust 9
I love the simplicity of ingredients and the way my skin felt after using the plain goats milk soap! Do recommend


Melissa Wallace reviewed Simplenakedsoap  5 star March 20
I have psoriasis and really sensitive skin to the point most “natural” soaps and especially supermarket brands irritate my skin until raw. The soap from simplenakedsoap I don’t have to worry, best stuff I have ever tried and used on my skin and will continue to use! Absolute love it.

Katie McCrostie reviewed Simplenakedsoap  5 star July 7
Our eldest daughter made a point of engaging with these guys at the Womens Expo in Invercargill. So pleased she did. After a really great conversation, she bought a charcoal soap that has done wonders for her skin. Pores have shrunk, skin looks less congested and feels softer with a more even contour.

Thanks guys.


Julie Hamilton reviewed Simplenakedsoap  5 star June 12
The CHARCOAL & ROSEHIP SEED soap is fantastic. Leaves skin soft, radiant & beautifully cleansed. Just the best!


Jordy Cadman reviewed Simplenakedsoap  5 star March 18
I recently won 2 bars of simplenakedsoap on the page. I am so impressed with this soap i used the activated charcoal bar on my face and wow i was left with super soft & moisturised skin � my 2nd bar i picked was Lavender and pink clay this i found much the same but creamier with a lovely subtle scent of lavender that your left smelling after your dressed ,thank you heaps i definately reccomend your soap! Cant wait to try the others 
Kirsty Foster reviewed Simplenakedsoap  5 star January 29
I got one of the charcoal soaps at the taieri a&p show the other day and wow! It’s so much better than I’d hoped for, it made my skin so soft the next day I even used it on my face which I’ve never done with any other soap. Safe to say I’ll be ordering more


Gremay Butz reviewed Simplenakedsoap  5 star May 25, 2017My baby josh love your HAND CREAM evening primrose and avocadeo,very effective on his eczema,to all mommies with kids eczema suffering please do give this product a try,this is just more than a hand cream.

Emma Sutich reviewed Simplenakedsoap  5 star August 9, 2017


Linda Sharpe reviewed Simplenakedsoap  5 star August 7
Matt Taylor reviewed Simplenakedsoap  5 star March 13
Nicola Thayer-Smith reviewed Simplenakedsoap  5 star January 19

I use it as a facewash/make up remover every night in the shower. Just rub the bar in wet hands and wash your face - job done ! 
It's perfect for removing foundation and any other makeup products.

The salt and clay DO NOT dry your skin out - I am in my 50's and have tried many facial cleansers in my time - but this simple bar is fantastic !
Very happy to recommend this product 

Liz Ralston reviewed Simplenakedsoap  5 star December 6, 2016
I brought your deodorant at the clutha amp show and it is amazing. Smells great feels great lasts all day.will never buy supermarket roll on ever again.

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