Goat Milk Foaming Hand Wash

Tired of scrubbing your skin off, just to attempt to clean your hands? Are you overusing harsh chemicals and solvents which leave your hands dry, cracked and painful?

Our goat's milk triumphs again! Far exceeds the clean of grit or swarfega or solvent

Easily removes tree sap and bee propolis (previously only solvent cleansers used )

This Foaming Hand Wash GENTLY & EASILY removes grease, oil and ingrained filth from those hard-working hands. No more scrubbing the skin off trying to clean the hands. This chemical free and solvent free cleanser removes the harshest grime with a simple squirt. This has been trialled, tested and proven in heavy diesel workshops and with hard core outdoor workers, with outstanding results. This goat milk foaming hand wash nourishes the hands while cleaning. No more chemicals and solvents stripping the goodness from your hands, causing massive dryness and cracks.

Can come with a 1 Litre or 500ml refill.

Keep your foaming bottle, because you can purchase a refill.  Then your refill bottle  can then be returned and swapped/refilled reducing your cleaning costs and ultimately reducing the plastic footprint of your business and that of simplenakedsoap.

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