COWS Liquid Gold Milk Colostrum Castile Soap


Colostrum is said to be very rich and full of vitamins and fat, the perfect food for new babies and effective for those suffering from various skin conditions, such as  Psoriasis,  Eczema, and Skin conditions. The Cows gold Colostrum makes a really creamy bar which you can see the milk fat!

Our Colostrum soap is just made from Olive Oil & castor oil

Its so gentle it can be used as a shampoo bar too

Plain: Cows Milk Colostrum, Saponified oils: Oils & Castor

Honey: Cows Milk Colostrum, Saponified oils: Oils & Castor and our own Honey

Hemp: Cows Milk Colostrum, Saponified oils: Oils, Organic Hemp & Castor

Soap weights 100 gm with or without  a bag

Customer Reviews

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Shirleen Potter
Great for dry skin

The Goats MilkCOWS LIQUID GOLD MILK COLOSTRUM CASTILE SOAP is so gentle on my dry skin. Highly recommend.

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