Skin Cream Hemp & Avocado (regular size)

Our skin creams are chemical and fragrance free, and are perfect for the whole body including hands, feet and face - especially for those with sensitive skin.

Our hemp cream is "extra" nourishing for those needing a little extra

We fix cracks in hands and feet in 3 days

Hands cracked from too much sanitiser??? fix them right here

Your skin will love you again 

This one is for the hemp lovers

Contains: Natural Bees wax, Organic Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Organic Avocado Oil, Organic hemp oil, Organic safflower oil & evening primrose.

Fantastic as a stand alone skin cream for all layers of the skin, with the hemp oil especially nourishing the surface of the skin 

 70 g In a Tin




Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Very good cream - I use it for my hands, feet and legs when they are very dry.

loti hicks
bad skin on my face

I suffer from a skin irritation during winter, that no amount of shop bought creams or doctor prescribed creams seem to be able to soothe. the usual "gentle" creams for sensitive skin actually make it worse. then I got this from a farmers market...oh wow!! no itching, just soothing and it really helps keep it at bay! 100% recommend, also use on my toddler.

Super soft skin

I love the cream. I have been using it as a face cream.. With other face creams I often had sweat running down my face on humid days. Nothing with this cream. It makes my skin super soft.

dan armstrong

This stuff is great, it has really helped my skin.

Pam McLachlan
Nourishing and healing

Has been very effective on my hands and face for moisturising and healing scars.

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