Soap Paste Jar Kits

It all starts with organic free range Goats lovingly raised on a 20 acre farm in south Otago, NZ.  Add a mutual collaboration between two girls in business looking to offer people a natural cruelty free everyday usable product, and this is the result.

GoodLife & Simple Naked Soap have merged together on this project to bring you a wonderful blend of NZ natural handmade soap in a reusable glass pump pot jar – simply add water.  A little soap goes a long way.

Goat milk is not only healthy food, but also excellent for skin care. Its useful properties in cosmetology have been known since ancient times and were widely used in Egypt and Asia. Known for her beauty Egyptian queen Cleopatra used to bathe in goat milk, believing it to have youth and beauty benefits.

This luxurious nourishing soap is made with pure sourced ingredients without any nasties, and designed to be used as either hand soap or a moisturising body wash.  Ethical, organic and not tested on animals. 

Refill soap paste is available, making this a totally reusable eco-friendly product. 

These refill pump pot soap jars make a great addition to any household, or a wonderful thoughtful gift.  Available in 2 sizes; 500ml or 1 Litre Jar.

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