Goat Colostrum Baby Bar

Our gentlest bar yet. With only 3 ingredients - Goat Milk Colostrum (Ours), Olive Oil & Castor Oil 

Colostrum is the most nourishing of all milk. The goats make more than necessary for their babies, so we hand milk of the excess for several reasons.

1.  To retain to feed to a new born whose mother is unable feed her young. (or baby not suckling)

2.  To milk off the excess for udder health and animal health

3.  To make one of our yummiest and gentlest bars

Its important to note that the babies are definitely NOT missing out on their 'special' milk, as we only take the excess

This bar is made for the most sensitive of skins. As with ALL our sensitive skin bars, this is a shampoo bar as well as being a body bar.

Sensitive skin is not just for the young - middle aged and elderly also have exceptionally sensitive skins, so when our other sensitive bars are not suitable - this bar steps up 

This bar has taken a while longer to harden and mature - but it has been worth it

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Sharon Bennett
Best Soap For Sensitive Skin

Most soap make my skin itch, but this is the best soap, does not irritate, or dry the skin. If you have sensitive skin I highly recommend.

My favourite baby bath item

This is by far my most favourite item I use for my little girl! I love that it is all natural, no reaction to when it unintentionally went in her eyes (tiny amount but still, it had zero effect on her) and this bar lasts FOREVER! Bought it nearly a year ago, using it roughly 3 times a week, and we are still going strong on the first half of the bar, a little rub in my hands first, and it foams up ever so slightly and goes a very long way! Could not recommend this product enough! Thank you

Laura Neilson

A gentle natural baby wash bar that I would recommend. This wash bar was kind on my babies skin and left it feeling soft and clean. I can wash my baby with peace of mind knowing that I am using a chemical free product made with love.

Lois Walker

This would undoubtedly be the best product I've come across and I've used alot of products.

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